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You can simply drink a glass of water when you feel thirsty, but you are probably already dehydrated before you reach for the glass.  A feeling of thirst indicates that the body is already depleted not only of moisture but probably of the right amount of alkaline as well. Drinking alkaline water on a regular basis can prevent dehydration and is absorbed more readily by the body than regular water. Alkaline water has smaller molecules that can be soaked up more quickly and easily. In addition, it improves circulation to ensure the moisture is carried throughout the body.






Immunity Boost

Ines can result when the body lacks the proper balance. The amount of acids in our environment can throw the body off its natural equilibrium. Creating the right PH level can boost the immune system, because the body does not have to make the extra effort to promote balance. When your body is busy trying to correct a PH imbalance, it has difficulty fighting off bacteria and viruses. Therefore, drinking alkaline water can help flight off colds, flu and other ailments. Consuming more alkaline on a regular basis can give your body a fighting chance against microbes.



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Balances PH Levels

The main reason many people opt for alkaline water is to balance PH levels in the body. Maintaining this balance is essential for promoting good general health. The body strives to create a balance of PH levels, but if it has to work too hard to achieve this, it may not have the energy to maintain optimum functioning. Alkaline takes the stress off the body and creates this balance. Too many of the things we consume contain an unhealthy amount of acid. Fats, pollution, chemicals and other substances throw our bodies off balance, and alkaline water helps restore equilibrium.



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Antioxidant Source

Antioxidants are responsible fot eliminating free radicals from your systems. Free radicals are pollutants, chemicals and impurities that can cause cell decay and compromise general health. Antioxidants fight against these free radicals and can prevent disease. Alkaline water, along with colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables, contain antioxidants and can contribute to protecting the body from free radicals.

Incorporating more antioxidants into your diet for the     long-term can keep these free radicals from doing damage to your cells and can forestall the aging process. Simply replacing regular water with alkaline water can produce dramatic effects.

Our Bottling Facility

Our state-of-the-art bottling facility is located directly below the protected mountain spring in Brandonville, PA.

All amour water products are bottled directly at the source, eliminating the use of fossil fuels and other pollutants that affect water taste and quality.

The bottling facility has a 450 bottle per minute production capacity with full-scale cold packaging capabilities. From flavor mixing to bottle blow molding and computerized palletization, each production phase is automated with pre-installed safety protocols to guarantee the highest and most consistent taste and quality standards.

Environmentally Friendly

Alkaline Spring Water environmentally friendly bottle design is composed of 25% plant material, 75% recycled material, and is 100% recyclable.

Safe Choice

All of Alkaline Spring Water bottles are BPA free. This ensures that our water is always chemical free and safe to drink.

Bottle Structure

Alkaline Spring Water bottles are sturdier and more durable than most competing water bottles. Each bottle is blown, filled and capped on-site.

Weight Loss

Alkaline water can help your body store less fat and shed pounds effectively. One of the way the body tries to neutralize acids is to produce more fat cells. This is one way in which exposure to impurities and acids in the environment can increase the problem of obesity. If the level of acid is reduced, there is no longer a need to create additional fat cells, and in turn, weight loss can be easier. In addition, cravings for unhealthy foods can result from impurities that are already in the body. By flushing out your system with alkaline water, you can significantly reduce cravings.

Anti-aging Benefits

Although aging, to some degree, is inevitable, the acidic nature of the world around us can speed up aging. Free radicals, which are acidic in nature, can cause cells to decay and wrinkles to form faster. In addition, if the body does not have help in restoring PH balance, it may have to work too hard, which can make it vulnerable to the effects of aging. Consuming more alkaline can stall aging, prevent wrinkles and restore vitality. Alkaline water can help you look and feel younger and healthier. Drinking alkaline water on a regular basis  can be an effective anti-aging treatment.